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The Good Life

Fiery Angel Presents

The Good Life

Adapted and Directed by Jeremy Sams

Based on the television series by John Esmonde and Bob Larbey


Remember the Goods - Tom and Barbara, suburban eco-warriors? And their next-door neighbours Margo and Jerry Leadbetter, desperately trying to maintain the Surbiton status quo?

 Well, they’re back – and on stage for the first time in The Good Life, a theatrical reimagining of the TV sitcom that delighted countless millions, starring award-winning actor, presenter and comedian Rufus Hound as Tom; West End, television and film star Preeya Kalidas as Margo; Dominic Rowan (The Crown, Law & Order) as Jerry and Sally Tatum (Present Laughter, Miss Austen Regrets) as Barbara.

 Jeremy Sams’s comedy leads the well-loved characters through uproarious adventures; some old, some new and often hilariously familiar.

 This new play celebrates a time when, whatever our differences, we still managed to get on with our neighbours.




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