Dan Campbell Weir

Daniel’s acting career began and ended with his critically unclaimed performance as Lieutenant Daniel Gilmartin in Knutsford High School’s production of Calamity Jane in 1996. Since then, he has wisely decided to keep his interest in theatre firmly in the audience seats.

Cutting his teeth with digital media at PwC, his rise to Google Adwords stardom came at a media agency in Putney and was never happier than when he was optimising ‘rampant rabbit’, ‘gentlemen’s brogues’ and ‘bet on SuBo’ keywords for Ann Summers, Jones the Bootmaker and Stan James (hopefully in that order).

Blessed/Cursed with the entrepreneurial spirit, and never one for authority, he went freelance in 2009 and has worked on accounts as diverse as Balvenie Whisky and Dubai Tourism, as well as working his digital magic for numerous Dressing Room 5 shows.

When not running a cheeky Facebook Likes campaign for Peppa Pig, Daniel can be found at the tennis club disputing line calls with Mark Dooley, eating £6 scotch eggs at Borough Market, or roaming the streets of Streatham looking for his cat - Tiberius Kitten.